Arish Top Model College Prospectus

Arish Top Model College is a citadel of learning that renders Secondary, basic education to children at Camp, Abeokuta.

Our exact location is, 23, Surulere Avenue (near Surulere gaari factory), Camp, Abeokuta (FUNAAB Road).

Our curriculum ensures a clear academic development alongside abilities, talents and vocational skills which are enshrined via entrepreneurial learning channels. The motto of the school, ‘special ability and character originate from God, the only wise’, was carefully chosen to reflect the long term vision and mission of the school.

Arish Top Model College (the ATM of knowledge)

Motto: “Special ability and character originate from God, the only wise “

Mission statement: Raising scholars who possess vocational/ entrepreneurial skills

About Us

We are a vibrant and happy community of secondary school learners where we ensure that our children leave here self-confident, caring and fully prepared for the tertiary education and for the competitive life out there. Our long term vision is to accommodate and educate secondary school children of parents in diaspora who love the Nigerian culture. Our unique computer aided teaching develops the affective domain of each child and prepares them for future E-exams. Our unique and intense vocational training approach ensures our children are well prepared for entrepreneurial opportunities out there.

Payment of fees with ATM via POS machines and though our inters-witch website portals will soon be an advantage to parents with busy schedules. The children will be able to choose minimum of one vocational skill to learn for at least three years after which they will graduate. Training in music, solar/inverter renewable energy installations, publishing, photography are the various options the children may be interested in.            

Children in the 21st century are faced with the challenge of learning about an interconnected world where knowledge is constantly developing.  Arish Top Model College program prepares children to be active participants in a life long journey of learning.

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