Club Presentations

Women Live Longer

LEARN FROM WOMEN, THEY LIVE LONGER! Both men and women are the handiwork of the most high God. Women living longer than men have been a proven fact for many years. Men age more quickly than women. Many women are peaceful and try their best to keep their marriages. A good marital relationship is a […]

Maiden Graduation Ceremony July 2015

PRESS CLUB NEWS!!! We give God the glory for making 25th of July, 2015 a memorable day for ARISH Pupils, Parents and Management. The graduation ceremony kicked off with a procession of the graduands and the council of ARISH to the school field in a grand style. The opening prayer was said, followed by the singing […]

Quality Early Childhood Education

“QUALITY EARLY CHILDHOOD SCHOOLING – THE EPITOME OF RAISING SCHOLASTIC LEADERS THAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD INVEST IN” The Longman dictionary defines Education to be the process of teaching and learning, usually at school, college, or university. Early childhood is the sensitive period in the process of development of a child. It is a period of […]