Homework Policy

Homework in the School

At Arish, we believe that pupils who are assigned and complete homework regularly are able to achieve more. Homework provides a useful extension of pupils’ learning opportunities. Homework may be defined as a task to be done in pupils’ own time after school hours.

Homework should provide an appropriate test for pupils of all abilities. Properly conceived, carefully designed, presented and monitored by the teacher, homework fosters development of independence, self-discipline and responsibility, and conserves class time for those lessons, better taught with close teacher supervision.

Home assignment is an integral part of the learning process and presents prospects for:

  • Reinforcement of those skills, already taught.
  • Preparation for material to be presented or taught subsequently by the teacher.
  • Transfer of a skill or concept to a new situation.
  • Completing assigned work not finished in class.
  • Preparing for cumulative assessments.

Homework should not be a way for pupils to be introduced to new concepts or skills not to talk of being examined in such and pupils should not be expected to acquire or apply that new knowledge without further teacher guidance.

Homework Guidelines

Use of homework requires cooperation among teachers, pupils and parents. Homework will be a regular part of each pupil’s school experience. It is expected, that a pupil who is new to our school system, may spend longer on homework for the first few weeks, as he/she makes the adjustment. Pupils should be able to complete the assignment within the guidelines given below.

The following times are recommended daily averages:

Pre-School         1 to 20 minutes

Kindergarten 1 to 20 minutes

Nursery 1         20 to 30 minutes

Basic 1 and 2 30 to 40 minutes

Basic 3 and 4 45 to 60 minutes

Basic 5 and 6 1 to 2 hours

Homework and Absences

A pupil is responsible for making up homework, missed through absence. It is the pupil’s responsibility to ask if there have been assignments during his/her absence. 

Homework and Vacations

Homework may be given during vacations to engage our pupils keep up the academic work while at home on vacation.

Responsibility for Homework

Teachers are responsible for:

  • Communicating homework expectations to pupils and parents.
  • Assigning and correcting pupils’ homework in a timely manner.
  • Discussing with parents regarding homework concerns.
  • Determining how homework will be incorporated into the term grade and communicating that to parents and pupils.

Pupils are responsible for:

  • Understanding the homework assignment(s) before leaving school.
  • Seeking teacher’s assistance with assignments when necessary.
  • Taking home all necessary materials to complete the assignment.
  • Working towards the goal of doing homework independently with minimum parental help.

Parents are responsible for:

  • Providing encouragement and support, showing interest in the pupil’s work.
  • Assisting pupils to develop good study attitudes and habits by providing a comfortable, well-lit study area, away from distractions.
  • Encouraging pupils to set a regular time for studying.
  • Monitoring and endorsing work to ensure pupils return completed assignment to school.
  • Discussing with teachers regarding homework concerns.

If a pupil especially in basic class fails to complete homework, project or assignment, the teacher has the right to ask the pupil to complete the work during recess or after school. In that event, adequate time will still be allowed for the child to eat, before class resumes. A pupil will not be asked to wait after school, unless the parents have been notified.