Portfolio Presentations


Portfolio is a collection of a child’s work; and ‘Portfolio Presentation ‘ refers to a public showcase where the presenter pupil demonstrates his/her skills, strengths, interest, achievements, passions, experiences, and hobbies, and what his/her future plans are and how he/she will reach them. Simply put: Who I am ; what I have done; where I am going; and how I will get there.

This programme is aimed at:

1. Awakening and boosting presentation skills in pupils.

2. Inculcating public speaking skills in presenters.

3. Instilling effective time management strategies in pupils

4. Implanting spirit of competition among presenters.

5. Making children responsible for their academic progress.

6. Fostering efficient record keeping skills among school children.

7. Vocal kids are less likely to be bullied by other kids

Parents are to assist their wards in order to achieve set goals