Quality Early Childhood Education


The Longman dictionary defines Education to be the process of teaching and learning, usually at school, college, or university.

Early childhood is the sensitive period in the process of development of a child. It is a period of laying good foundation in behavioural, educational, social, physical health and self-regulatory capacities.

The provision of quality early childhood education promotes academic, behavioural and educational progression/attainment, which have long-lasting, beneficial effects on children.

Quality education that sincere parents like you should seek may have the following in consideration.  

  1. Faculty of good and qualified teachers, highly trained to impart knowledge through thorough and simple teaching methodology while employing the use of Abacus, Finger maths for better understanding. Computer aided-teaching, music videos of educative cartoons. 
  2. An organization headed by proprietors who are endowed with sound academic, professional and administrative skills themselves.
  3. Provision of on-line/Internet learning opportunity for both pupils and faculty staffs for information, communication and technological advancement(ICT). 
  4. An opportunity for vocational skills acquisition, like art works, mat weaving, mask weaving, painting, drawing, leaf prints etc which may help pupils to learn important skills that will make them self-reliant.
  5. An environment that encourages inter-class educative games competition, which improves the sense of belonging and fun activities within the school arena.
  6. Provision of a neat, safe, healthy and conducive environment for learning and recreational activities.
  7. An environment that provides good first aid healthcare facility, personal hygiene education, i.e. washing of hands with soap and water, with intra-class toilets facilities.
  8. Good security of kids through the on-check of pupils by faculty staffs, well fenced buildings, in which the gate is well monitored to ensure the safety of kids. 
  9. An open door policy on ‘parent-school’ communication, free of formality for all who wish to enter. 
  10. A teaching methodology that ensure kids start reading early.
  11. An education involving application of practical knowledge of things learnt in theory. Special focus on teaching kids on how to apply the theoretical knowledge they receive. The ideal education will deal more with practice and less with theory in the future.
  12. Such an organization that considers itself as an employee of the public. If educational organizations fail to serve kids and parents whom they serve, they may pay by losing reputation and the privilege of serving. Remember that school authorities and their staffs are all fellow employees of parents and kids. 

You are therefore encouraged to invest in such quality early childhood education, which makes children become scholastic leaders in the nearest future.

 Compliments of the Arish Nursery and Primary School, Camp, Abeokuta

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