School Requirement

Playgroup/Pre KG (10 Months-2yrs)



Primary (5years-10years)

Junior Secondary level -Basic 7(JSS1)-Basic 9(JSS3) (10years to 13years) 

Senior Secondary level- SSS 1-SSS 3 (13years-16years)


All new pupils/students would undergo a placement test or interview on purchase of Admission Form before admission into the appropriate class. Parents are advised to objectively consider the school’s opinion on placement in the best interest of the pupils/students.

Medical test

All pupils/students would have a mandatory medical test before admission and may be required to have periodic review/ assessment of their health condition by a qualified officer.


Pupils/students should attend school regularly and punctually. A portion of classroom work is assessed on continuous basis; this has cumulative effect on the final term result. A student may be required to withdraw from school or repeat a class if his level of attendance is unsatisfactory.

Books & writing materials

Students/pupils are required to have the recommended textbooks and writing materials in order to benefit fully from academic works. The syllabus is based on different levels of the subject. Pupils with insufficient materials will not be able to cope with the backlog of activities or topics.

Exercise books

The school maintains adequate stock of exercise books specially designed for the syllabus. All exercise books must be purchased from the school at the beginning of the term. No externally-sourced exercise books would be allowed in the class. Any pupils/students without sufficient writing materials would not be allowed in the class/school.

School fees

School fees and other charges applicable per term would be communicated in writing to parents in form of a bill and via newsletter. All fees are to be paid on or before the beginning of the trimester to the designated bank account. No pupil will be allowed in the school/class unless all fees are paid.


Kindly avoid the pupils being sent out because the school would not be responsible for the safety of any pupil that is sent outside the school compound for non-payment of fees after adequate notice.

Other fees

The school may request for any payment of other fees to meet some specifications such as events demand. The notice for payment may be short and may need to be communicated orally or via newsletter. We appeal to parents to co-operate.

School Properties and Equipment

The infrastructure and facilities in the school are provided for the good use of pupils and their comfort. While efforts are being made to protect the properties and willful damage would be surcharged. Any damaged property or equipment would be replaced.

Dressing (uniform)

Pupils should dress properly to school in the appropriate/recommended uniform, shoes, socks, blazer etc. the school uniform can be purchased from the school. Parents are advised to book at least 2 weeks in advance for the school uniform. Underwear should be provided by parents.

Sport wear

Pupils should appear in sport wear on the day set aside for sport activities.

ID cards for parents and children

All pupils and students are expected to have Identification cards made for them by the school. Due to the increasing security concerns in the country, the school has introduced the same prerequisite for parents and guardians. The third trimester starting in May 2nd , 2016 will be used to collect data and by the new session in September 2016, the cards would have been printed out. We are grateful for the full cooperation of all our parents and guardians. 

Club wear

Pupils are encouraged to join service clubs as Press Club, Boys Scout, Girls Guild, JETS Club, Public Health Army etc. Parents should provide the appropriate club uniform for their children.

Student Pictures in Arish Publications

Student pictures may be used in publications such as the yearbook, brochures, newsletters, and school website. If a parent wishes that their child not appear in any school publications, this request must be submitted in writing to the Registrar’s Office.

Parents as Partners of Arish

At Arish, we believe that a positive partnership with the school and the students’ parents or guardians is essential to the fulfillment of the school’s mission.  To encourage the most effective partnership, we expect that all parents will:

  • Support the school’s mission.
  • Understand and support the school’s rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Provide a home environment that supports positive attitudes toward the school, including the provision of a productive setting for homework completion and studying.
  • Monitor and support their child’s progress in school.
  • Monitor homework completion in a manner that ensures that the work is completed by the student.
  • Communicate appropriately and respectfully with all members of the school community.
  • Seek to resolve problems and secure information through appropriate channels.
  • Support the school through volunteerism and attendance at school events.
  • Attend Partnership Conferences and other conferences related to my child.
  • Attend parents’ education sessions and information sessions about school programmes.
  • Read school related information, including newsletters and other information sent home or posted in the school’s website.

Hand hygiene for pupils, staff and  parents

Everyone is required to wash hands properly at the designated place before entering and interacting with other kids and staff who are within the compound premises. We do believe this practice will engender the hand hygiene culture in the school community and at home, reduce transmission of infections and also make the environment safe for learning.

Home and School Club (for Nursery and Primary)

The school has an active Home and School Club, which is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the school. This group supports the school in various ways and by providing funding for specific school needs. Membership in the club is open to all teachers, parents and the Students’ Representative Council. Please contact any member of the school administration for more information about participating. 

Parent Teacher Association (for the college)

The school plans to have an active Parent Teacher Association PTA., which will be dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the school. This group will support the school in various ways, especially in organizing functions such as school wide science fair, writers’ workshop, PTA Store etc., and by providing funding for specific school needs. Membership in the P.T.A. is open to all teachers and parents. Until then, the Home and School Club will still function until the school is able to have a good footing for the PTA.